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Why TICO ( formerly AMNET) Sucks in COSTA RICA

Tigo Costa RicaI hardly ever take the time to write about things that happen to me while living in Costa Rica.  But I figured, since the internet company TIGO, formerly AMNET, has been the worst company as far as customer service goes, that I ever encountered in about 40 years on planet Earth… Why not write a few lines about why YOU should STAY AWAY from TIGO – AMNET.

List put this in LIST FORMAT:

1. TIGO customer service representatives are taught to LIE and LIE and LIE.   They will tell you anything you want to here.  i.e. Your internet service will be connected in 24 hours.  Your internet service is free for 2 months.  Your TV cable service is free for 6 months.  Whatever is takes to get you buy TIGO crappy service in Costa Rica.

2. The “sales” representative who visits you is actually a HIGH paid messenger service that gets about $5 per contract, not counting the “upgrades”. The “sales” representatives are thug looking guys who will visit your home on dirt bikes motorcycles.  Look a lot like the same thugs who rob Ticos for cellphones and iPods at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Now, I am thinking that probably the “sales” reps add orders to the contracts to earn more sales commission. Unsuspecting TIGO customers, realize months later that additional services were added to their account.  Most Americans I know living in Costa Rica who have dealt with TIGO have this complaint. TIGO will disconnect your service until you pay every single last dime.

3. OK I will just disconnect the TIGO Service.  Guess what, you can NOT disconnect the service until you are PAID IN FULL… which means, yes you guessed it… TIGO will keep billing you regardless of you having “working” service or not.  Great way to make money. No wonder TIGO is invading LATIN AMERICA and AFRICA.  It’s a company that has very little morals and ethics.  I guess you can say TIGO is a worthless cable and internet company that probably would have a hard time doing business in countries like the USA and CANADA where consumer advocacy groups will close them down.

4. Now let’s say you never get a bill from TIGO.  Who cares.. they will disconnect you, then charge you to reconnect the service.  Which leads me to ask:  Why can’t a company who sells internet services not SEND FREAKING EMAIL INVOICES.  Perhaps TIGO forgot that addresses in COSTA RICA do not exist. Unless of course, if you count TWO RIGHT STEPS from the BLUE HOUSE and EIGHT steps from the big brown dog to the left.   Well you guess it… The bill never arrives…But don’t worry the guy on the motorcycle who claims to be a TIGO sales rep… gets there every time. Hopefully he never comes at night with his boys to steal your TV set… or computer.

5. Now let’s hope that you never had cable at your new residence. Here’s why… Most cable companies will used NEW cable at a new installation… After that’s what you are paying the cable installation fee. TIGO RE-USES the existing cable it finds… Speaking of which, the installers are not TIGO employees, they are sub contractors.  This is what makes reusing the cable lucrative for the installers.  They charge TIGO for the cable to install, but actually use the existing cable… Not bad huh?

Bottomline… If you use TIGO beware of it’s marketing, sales and customer service unethical practices.  Prepare yourself for rude customer service representatives. When you calls are answered be prepared for false information, mis-information and HANG UPS.  Yes, TIGO representative will hang up on you in the middle of the conversation.